Membership Details

Membership Criteria
Our Angels will include Individual Members and Institutional Members.

  • Sarthi Angel Venture Foundation is a group of Angels from diverse background and experiences.
  • Individual members are inducted as members in individual capacity only and will not be representing any organization.
  • Investments brought by Sarthi Angles will be made in the name of the members or their immediate family members only.

Becoming a Member of Sarthi Angels
Membership is either by invitation and request or by reference only. A current member of Sarthi Angels can recommend a new member. Sarthi Group can also invite few professionals to become Angels. An outside person aspiring to become the member of Sarthi Angels needs to submit a registration request with the Sarthi Angels. On receipt of the application request, we will verify the details and Sarthi Angels’ management will accordingly take decision on grant of membership. Once the membership request is granted, we will contact the applicant and process the application.
To become an Angel of Sarthi Angel Click Here

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