Investment Rationale

Investment Strategy

Sarthi Angels is looking for companies that have an established proof of concept and are poised for growth.  While the merits of each investment will vary, we evaluate your venture according to the following criteria :
  • The focus is primarily on the businesses that possesses large addressable target market, distinct competitive advantage, high barriers to entry and significant growth potential. Propositions that have sharp differentiators in the target segment are preferred.
  • The quality of the management team is important. A complementary management team that with wide experience and multiple skills is considered a major asset. We also look at entrepreneur’s passion for and commitment to the new business idea, and management’s ability to inspire confidence among future stakeholders, including employees, potential customers, and investors.
  • Clear understanding of operational strategy with particular focus on breakeven and exit opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs who can provide evidence of the validation of their concept and particularly those who have begun to engage with the market have a better proposition.
  • All are welcome – first time entrepreneurs, second time entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who may have failed in their earlier attempt.

Investment Focus


Investment Size
Angel investment could be up to Rs. 10 Crores for seed stage, early stage and venture stage funding, and exiting over 3 to 5 year time frame through an IPO, Merger or Strategic Acquisition and 2nd or 3rd round of funding.

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