Who is an Angel Investor?

An Angel refers to an investor that invests their own personal funds in various businesses in start-up/ seed/ early stage of their life. Angel investor can be a high net-worth individual or corporate or PE/ VC/ FI etc.

Angel investment concept is at a nascent stage in India. India possesses huge intellectual capital & potential growth opportunities. Lack of angel or seed funding has prevented growth of start-ups. This presents significant value investment opportunities for Angel Investors. An Angel Network forms an essential part of entrepreneurial ecosystem & plays an important part in fostering inclusive & sustainable growth in the economy.

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What is the objective of Sarthi Angels?

Sarthi Angels Venture Foundation has been established with the objective of promoting entrepreneurship, mentoring entrepreneurs and enabling startup companies to gain access to funds. It provides a platform to companies to present their business proposals and to seek funds and advice from successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives with expertise in startup ventures.

What is the average stage of the companies that Sarthi Angels invest in?

Sarthi Angels Venture Foundation is open to investment in all types of companies with effective management and having promising product/ services with large market potential. Sarthi Angels will particularly consider the investment proposals which are in seed, early stage and venture stage of their life with potential for significant growth and exit potential within 3-5 years.

What types of companies does Sarthi Angels invest in?

Sarthi Angels’ focus sectors represent the diversity of its membership. We invest in companies in a variety of industries and stages of growth. Exceptions can be made to consider the proposal outside our focus sectors if the company has exceptional product/ service & strong management teams with prior start-up experience.

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Know about Investment Process – How does it Work?

How to apply for funding from Sarthi Angels? Are there any fees in order to submit a plan to the Sarthi Angels?

Entrepreneurs can submit their business proposal here or email us at submityourplan@sarthiwm.in. After assessing your proposal, further process will be .

Also there are no fees payable to submit the Business Plans to Sarthi Angels Venture Foundation.

What should my business plan contain?

You need to submit an executive summary of your business plan. The summary should have all elements of a business plan containing background information about the company, product and technology description and market opportunity. The proposal should be focused on the business model, target customers, competitive landscape, financial projections, etc as well as your capital requirements and the milestones you will reach with this investment.

You can have a glance at the business plan template and sample business plan here

How is my Business Idea protected with you? How is my Security protected with you?

Sarthi Angels’ Secretariat screens your business proposals and forwards only a brief snapshot or executive summary to registered Angels at the initial stage. A serious & credible Angel Investor will only need a brief snapshot or executive summary of your business idea/ proposal before deciding on whether or not they wish to discuss further and invest. Your business idea is secured with us and never shared with third parties.

How long does the process take?

Unfortunately, there is no standard time table for the entire screening and investment process. Areas that tend to take the most time are screening and due diligence. Once a group of investors are ready to invest, a company can go through the process of meetings, documentation, and deal closure.

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