Benefits to Entrepreneur

Sarthi Angels Venture Foundation creates the optimal environment for entrepreneurs through its facilitative funding process. The benefits include -

  • Entrepreneur Preparation: 
    If a Business Plan is selected but requires refinement or guidance, our Secretariat team will spend the time required to get the business plan “presentation ready”. The mentoring provided by our Secretariats maximizes the possibility of achieving funding from our Angels.
  • Expectations are Set:
    Before meeting the Angels, we will provide entrepreneurs with a mock term sheet and list of likely due diligence questions.  This eliminates surprises for both entrepreneurs and the Angels ensuring a less contentious, less stressful, and more efficient path to close. 
  • Deal Documentation:
    Sarthi Angels has a standardized legal documentation to facilitate closure transactions including NDA’s, term sheets, due diligence lists, and other pertinent documents.  Having these documents standardized minimizes closing costs. 
  • Deal Leadership: 
    Every deal is assigned a Sarthi professional to provide the necessary guidance across the process from submission of business plan to closure of the deal. The assignee’s role is to lead a thorough due diligence process and make sure the deal maintains positive momentum. 
  • Experienced Angels: 
    The members of Sarthi Angels are successful professionals/entrepreneurs who ‘have been there and done that’.  The experience, knowledge and network of contacts will certainly be worth a lot more than the check they write for entrepreneurs.
  • Efficient Process:
    Sarthi Angels has established an efficient process for entrepreneurs to raise capital from a diverse group of investors. Sarthi Angels will be entrepreneur's main point of contact for the rest of the process, including company evaluation, negotiation of valuation and terms, organizing investor meetings and managing the closing process.
  • Capital Connections:
    With constantly expanding network of investors, we will help entrepreneurs raise required capital to fill larger seed funding.  Furthermore, as your business grows and reaches critical milestones, Sarthi Angels will act as a source of introductions to PE/VC funds, corporate investors and strategic partners for subsequent rounds of funding
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