Who is an Angel Investor?

An Angel refers to an investor that invests their own personal funds in various businesses in start-up/ seed/ early stage of their life. Angel investor can be a high net-worth individual or corporate or PE/ VC/ FI etc.

Angel investment concept is at a nascent stage in India. India possesses huge intellectual capital & potential growth opportunities. Lack of angel or seed funding has prevented growth of start-ups. This presents significant value investment opportunities for Angel Investors. An Angel Fund forms an essential part of entrepreneurial ecosystem & plays an important part in fostering inclusive & sustainable growth in the economy.

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What is the objective of the Sarthi Angels?

Sarthi Angels Venture Foundation has been established with the objective of promoting entrepreneurship, mentoring entrepreneurs and enabling startup companies to gain access to funds. It provides a platform to companies to present their business proposals and to seek funds and advice from successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives with expertise in startup ventures.

How does Sarthi Angel’s membership benefit its members?

The members of Sarthi Angels get access to many value investment opportunities which have passed the rigorous preliminary scanning & due diligence process at the secretariat level and have the potential to provide multifold returns to the members. Further Sarthi Angels as a group provides negotiating power of indirectly pooling capital. The group also provides an effective platform for networking with other Member Angels which include HNIs, Successful Entrepreneurs, Investment Managers, and Professionals, etc active across diversified industries and service domains.

As an Angel, or potential Angel, what kinds of proposals are available at Sarthi Angels??

An Angel of Sarthi Angels, will get access to the wide variety of proposals which are in seed/ early growth as well as start-ups spread across various focus sectors. Exceptions can be made to consider the proposal outside our focus sectors if the company has exceptional product/ service and strong management teams with prior start-up experience. Thus Sarthi Angels is primarily focused on presenting diversified value investment opportunities with significant growth and exit potential within 3-5 years to its Angels.

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How to become a member of the Sarthi Angels?

Membership is either by invitation and request or by reference only. A current member of Sarthi Angels can recommend a new member. Sarthi Group can also invite few professionals to become Angels. An outside person aspiring to become the member of Sarthi Angels needs to submit a registration request with the Sarthi Angels. On receipt of the application request, we will verify the details and Sarthi Angels’ management will accordingly take decision on grant of membership. Once the membership request is granted, we will contact the applicant and process the application.

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What are the return expectations of Sarthi Angels?

We expect to make minimum return of 5 times the capital investment within 5 years. As a result, you should evaluate your business along the same guidelines to ensure that we are aligned with what is realistic and what potential exit strategies may be.

I have other questions, who do I contact?

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Email your queries at: admin@sarthiangels.com or

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